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We Provide live online Healthcare and Technology Empowering Training for impact. The training prepares our learners to land the targeted well-paying job.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, OUR TRAINING BRINGS YOU INCOME PEACE OF MIND, JOB, AND PROFESSIONAL STABILITY, AFTER YOU LAND YOUR DESIRED WELL-PAYING JOB. Then, it becomes easy for you to make an impact in your communities starting with you first. The first beneficiary of that change is you first!

Our instructors, rooted in real-world work experiences and real-life situations projects, transfer to our students the skill sets and competencies applied nowadays in DevOps, Linux Administration, Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, GCP), AWS Developer, AWS System Operations Administration, Scrum Master, Business Analysis, Data Analysis with SPSS, Cyber Security, Certified Pharmacy Technician, Medication Aide, and Nurse Aide professions.

In 2024, the US has about the following active job openings: DevOps(257,025), Linux Administration(56,604), Business Analyst(170,514), Data Analyst (167,520), Pharmacy Technician(73,800), and Medication Aid(275,582).

Selecting Altoz Institute to receive solid and high-quality training for impact, which will prepare you to land one of those jobs of your choice, is the SMARTEST decision you ever make. Our strongest commitment and promise is to train and support our students in such a way they have the greatest chances of being hired in their targeted professions. A well-paying job will change their life as well as the lives of others.



Your professional success step by step in healthcare and technology fields for positive social change is our business.

We are a profession-centered Institute helping our students, with our 5-star training, to acquire the specific skill sets and competencies that are current in their profession. Our high-quality training enables our learners to be successful in well-paying jobs that change their lives, and the lives of others positively.

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