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Learner, we are here for you!

Learner, we are here for you to win by landing that well-paying job that changes your life first!

Our Proven Job Support Strategies:

1- Courses and Instructors to prepare our learners:
– Courses designed and taught by top IT, Healthcare professionals, and scholars rooted in real-world work experiences and real-life situations projects.
– Our training is 100% hands-on experience, that provides work experience and prepares our learners to work effectively and efficiently within the team they join after being hired. On their first day at work, they are value-added and add value to the team.
– Our courses are updated constantly by our panel of IT and Healthcare experts, who are on the watch of changes permanently in the professions that we train our students for.

2 – Our scholar-practitioner training model teaches students how to search and use recent literature data, that they combine with evidence or facts from the fields, to provide informed solutions to the company’s real-life projects.
– Our training transfers to our learners the real and latest skill sets and competencies used nowadays in the profession.

3 – Our research library available on our website provides additional sources of the latest professional knowledge in addition to our course materials selected

4 – How we support our Learners:
– our objective is to facilitate, to make sure all our students have the help that they need and that they land a well-paying job of their choice.
– During the training, we organize mock job interviews and live testimonies from our working alumni.
– During the last month of the training, we teach and practice with the learners how to write a well-paying job-landing resume.

– Also, we share with them the most hiring website links, and how to post their set-apart resume on those.
– During the same last month of the training, we teach and practice with our learners how to get ready for the job interview appointment, and the psychological and behavioral winning stances during the interview.
– Our Altoz Institute Job bank offers to our learners, who have completed successfully their training, a platform where to search and post their resumes on the best online recruiting companies, and have the best exposure to active job openings.
– After our learner is hired, and as needed, we connect him/her to our working alumni in the same profession for mentorship.
– Our past students who are working or not yet, are free to come back for free to Altoz Institute, within one year from their graduation date, for a refreshment course.
– Finally, Altoz Institute offers periodic, multiple, specialized, and updating continuous education for our working alumni at a reasonable cost.

Heribert Zouetchou, PhD
President & CEO of Altoz Institute of Healthcare and Technology.

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