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Federal and Texas State Taxes Exempt Information:
Altoz Institute is a federal and Texas state-exempt nonprofit Corporation.
We are federally qualified to receive federal tax-deductible contributions from donors that they make to Altoz Institute under IRC Section 170. In addition, we are federally qualified to receive federal income tax-deductible financial, bequests, devices, transfers, or gifts under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522.

Altoz Institute, as the donee organization, issues you a statement of declaration of donation received that you use for your federal income tax filing that year.

As a registered charity corporation at the Texas state level, we are exempt from State sales, franchise, and hotel occupancy taxes.

Volunteering Good Spirit and Beliefs at Altoz Institute:
At Altoz Institute, we strongly believe in volunteering!

Indeed, volunteering is a great way to:
1- pay back to the communities.

2- Gain hands-on work experience because as a volunteer, you have access to the professional tasks executed in an organization.

3- Work for free but learn by doing or shadowing.

4- Support financially an organization without disbursing any dollar from your pocket, but through the monetary equivalent value of the hours spent serving the organization. This form of financial donation to a Nonprofit Corporation in the USA is also federal income tax deductible.

5- Comply with some school programs and job requirements of hours of volunteer service for admission or hiring.

Consequently, at Altoz Institute, the public, students, nonstudent members, staff, instructors, officers, and board members have multiple volunteer opportunities available for them. Those opportunities offer hands-on work experience, monetary donation value equivalent, and the possibility of issuing upon request a letter of volunteer hours completion, with the equivalent financial value amount stated that you can use for school programs enrollment and job hiring opportunities.

We offer to volunteers free technical training needed to execute some tasks.

The tasks that constitute volunteer opportunities at Altoz Institute are as follows but not limited to:
1- Moderate the monthly online information session.
2- Be a guest or Keynote speaker at a monthly online information session, conference, workshop, seminar, or graduation ceremony.
3- Update the website content and plugins weekly.
4- Back up the website content weekly.
5- Create, publish, and update the Institute's advertisements on social media and other media (TV, emissions, radio) as needed.
6- Schedule a plan and implement the publication of the Altoz Institute advertisements with the media staff.
7- Create or receive electronic course curricula from the Altoz Institute’s administration, design, and update courses as needed in the Learndash course portal.
8- Work with website hosting and domain name services providers to resolve in a timely manner any issue or complaint from users affecting the website performance or utilization.
9- Work with the infographer and videographer to ensure that advertising materials are produced as required by the Institute and on time.
10- Set up in Altoz Institute Zoom account the Zoom class session for Instructors, and the monthly Information sessions.
11- Send out the Zoom and other social media sign-in information or credentials and flyer on time, and ensure all the parties involved receive them.
12- Assist the Altoz Institute’s President & CEO in creating the Information Session PowerPoint presentation or other communication documents using different software.
13- Be there or be the on-call WordPress administrator during Zoom live class sessions for eventual technical support.
14- Create posts and set up recurring campaigns on the Altoz Institute website via the learndash portal.
15- Work as Altoz Institute’s Call Center Agent
16- New and prospective trainees' orientation for enrollment or new training start.
17- Sorting and responding to the “Get Information” or contact forms received each day.
18- Planning new projects,
19- Bookkeepi g,
20- Record keeping
21- Learning software
22- Back-office assistance.
23- Develop a curriculum for the training that we offer
24- Teach a curriculum of one of our trainings
25- Grade trainee's class work.
26 - Organize and supervise the trainee’s lab practices
27- Sorting Altoz Institute mails
28- Office cleaning and file arrangement

If you are interested in one or more of our volunteer opportunities or have any questions, please send us an email at info@altozinstitute.org or call us at 832 258 1893.

How to apply to volunteer with us?

To apply to volunteer with Altoz Institute, please, visit the volunteer job tab on career and volunteer page, reed and select the opportunities that you are interested in, apply and submit your application following the prompt.

Volunteer Hours and Tasks Recordkeeping:
We keep all your hours and tasks accomplished as well as all other donations in our Google Cloud storage for public verification as needed.

Volunteer Certificate:

We issue you a certificate of volunteering that you can use for your work or school applications if one is needed.

Altoz Institute Volunteer Coordination Team

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June 7, 2024
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