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Vision, Mission, Who Should Enroll?

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Greetings from the Altoz Institute!

My name is Dr Heribert Zouetchou, President & CEO of Altoz Institute of Healthcare and Technology.

I have the immense pleasure of introducing our Educational Institution to you in 4 key points: who should enroll, what we offer, our platform, and how to join us as a learner or instructor.



To be the Educational Institution that provides empowering education, training, and research in healthcare and technology, which change positively individual and community life through successful professions.


Your professional success step-by-step in healthcare and technology fields for positive social change is our business.

We are a profession-centered Institute helping our students, with our 5-star training, to acquire the specific skill sets and competencies that are current in their profession. Our high-quality training enables our learners to be successful in well-paying jobs that change their lives, and the lives of others positively.

Core Values


To meet high standards in all that we do daily.


To use the education and training received at Altoz Institute to always do the right thing at all times, and in all that we do.


To put human beings at the center of our work.


To apply scientific methods and principles rigorously to obtain reliable results used for sound and informed decision-making.


To believe in yourself empowered by the Altoz Institute education and training.

Who should enroll to Altoz Institute?

A group of sound, experienced IT, healthcare professionals, and scholars, working in the United States of America, have observed a population across age groups and professions struggling to find a professional educational Institution that trains for impact.

The referred population has the following characteristics:

1- has recently or years ago immigrated to the United States of America, Texas in particular, and still struggling to land and keep a healthcare and/or IT well-paying job.

2- has made one or multiple professional short-term training and could not land a well-paying job.

3- has completed undergraduate and/or graduate education, but still could not find a well-paying job.

4- is a single or married parent of at least one child without a stable and well-paying job.

5- has been working for years and is still looking for a well-paying job to switch to.

6- has two or more jobs, but still can not land a well-paying job.

7- has multiple medical bills and more unpaid due to insufficient monthly income.

8- has overdrawn multiple times the credit card account at the gas station to be able to pay for gas.

9- is mobile device users for the most part.

This population, after completing professional training or not, is experiencing a nightmare of finding a well-paying job that provides income peace of mind, and job stability. The professionals and scholars designed and created the Altoz Institute of Healthcare and Technology project as a way out for this population, with the majority being between 25 to 45 years old.

What Do we offer?

At the Altoz Institute, we believe in the power of training for impact. Training for impact changes your life and others’ lives for good.

Therefore, Altoz Institute offers in three to six months, some keys, proven to bring well-paying jobs,  targeted  training in IT that are DevOps, Linux Administration, AWS Cloud, Scrum Master, and Business Analysis. In addition, Altoz Institute offers the following training in the healthcare field: Data Analysis with SPSS, Pharmacy Technician, Certified Medication Aide, and Certified Nurse Aide. Altoz Institute’s team of expert instructors, the central piece of curriculum designing, is rooted in real-world work experiences and real-life situations projects. Our dedicated team transfers to the students the skill sets and competencies applied nowadays in each profession of their choice. Our training relationship with students provides the necessary support to land a well-paying job, maintain it, grow once on the job, and deliver efficiently and efficiently to the team they join. Our learners become an inseparable asset to the company that they join.

What are our Learning Platform and Model?

Our Learning Platform is the LearnDash LMS online platform coupled with Zoom Technology for live sessions class between instructors and students. The Learning Module System (LMS) enables the creation and management of courses accessible at any time by both students and Instructors.

The research library offers both students and instructors an opportunity for continuous research and learning.

The Fluent CRM permits the Institute to keep constant communication with the students and other partners.

Fluent Support serves as a tool for the administration to manage the support tickets from users and be able to respond in 48 hours at the latest.

Member Press is the user’s management tool for role assignment and more.

Altoz Institute follows the Scholar-Practitioner learning model. Indeed, our training empowers our learners to be able to use current literature insights and data from the field to design and implement informed solutions to solve industry problems and bring changes. We are training our learners to become Social Change Agents in the Communities they serve after completing their programs.

How to join us?

You can join us as a student/learner, instructor, staff, member, or donor.

First, please, visit our website at, and get in touch with us by filling out and submitting the form. Once we receive your form, one of our staff will contact you for more details that will help you to join.

Secondly, you can contact us via phone or email using the contacts available on our website.

Remember, we speak English, Spanish, and French.

Heribert Zouetchou, PhD
President & CEO of Altoz Institute of Healthcare and Technology.

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